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Hi, I'm Kaitlin! I'm a 3D animator, and I am looking for my next opportunity! ❀

Growing up in Kansas, I watched animated shows and movies to escape my uneventful reality. But over time, I came to appreciate that good storytelling simply reflected the life I experienced. As Robert McKee writes in STORY: "Story isn't a flight from reality but a vehicle that carries us on our search for reality, our best effort to make sense out of the anarchy of existence." 


Today, animation is my vessel for storytelling! I love to manifest and exaggerate the relationships, behaviors, and stories I observe around me. Animation is the way that I express love for this beautiful world we live in! ٩(˘◡˘)۶


In 2018, I came to NYC to study Computer Animation at the School of Visual Arts. Not only did I dive deep into character animation and the CG pipeline, but I also made lasting connections. I created a community for artists at the Asian American Student Union and helped my school develop its DEI program. In my last two years, I got the chance to work with two of my friends to bring a personal story to life, Shattered!

I'm currently working on personal projects while picking up contract animation gigs. I also help organize events at Asians in Animation. When I'm not animating, I'm figure drawing, logging movies onto Letterboxd, reading books and articles, and eating to my heart's content!

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