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1. FREE RANGE VFX LIPSYNC — an animation test I did while completing a mentorship at Free Range VFX. The audio is pulled from an existing Ngena advertisement, and the rig is Free Range VFX's. I grew so much as an animator from this experience!

2. HORNET ANIMATION TEST — a fun animation I completed at the beginning of my CG internship at Hornet! I used their new Kroger rigs. I'm excited to share the other work I animated at Hornet when it comes out! 

3. LEOPARD WALK — a personal project I completed in January 2023. I focused on capturing the leopard's weight and mechanics. Rig by Truong CG.

4. WALK TO SIT — I completed this animation at Animation Mentor in the Spring of 2023 under the guidance of Zachary Rahman. Rig courtesy of Animation Mentor.

5. TWIN SPARKS — animated a shot for the senior thesis, Twin Sparks, created by Ollie Yao and Heather Yun.

6. FLIP I/O LAUNCH — I was responsible for previs and animation for this spot which promotes the launch of Google's online card game, Flip I/O.

7. LEGO AR LENS ANIMATION — I completed this for Public Display of Affection. I first thumbnailed the concept to determine what I needed to model and rig. Then I optimized the given model, modeled new assets, rigged it up, and made Perrito come to life!

Thanks for watching! ✿

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