All animation done in Maya.

1-5. SHATTERED — a senior thesis film by Nelson Mai, Tiantian (Yuetian) Zhang, and myself. I was the co-director, lead animator, lead compositor, editor (animatic, previsualization, and layout), and producer; I was also responsible for prop rigging and cloth simulation assistance.

6. FROSTBITE — a senior thesis film by Nicholas Christie, Brian Luong, and Stephanie MacCarthy. I was responsible for the animation of both characters.

7. LIPSYNC — Tomas rig courtesy of AnimProps, Artem Dubina, and Roman Adamanov.


8. FREE RANGE VFX LIPSYNC — an animation test I did while completing a mentorship at the studio, Free Range VFX. The audio is pulled from an existing Ngena advertisement. I was responsible for animation. Rig, lighting, and rendering courtesy of Free Range VFX.

Thanks for watching! <3