Modeling done in Maya. Texturing done in Substance Painter.

00:07 Howl’s Moving Castle—A two-person project with Ollie Yao, we recreated the castle from Studio Ghibli’s Howl’s Moving Castle. I was responsible for all aspects of the top half of the castle. This was our alternative idea for the famous Diagon Alley project at SVA, during which I learned so much about UVing, texturing, and general modeling workflow.

00:19 Raygun—Inspired by concept art by Shirley Cho, I wanted to bring some more sci-fi pizzaz to the table.

00:27 “WANDUHR”—Three-person project with Ollie Yao and Winnie Mai. I was responsible for design, modeling, and texturing of the clock, as well as some post-production video editing. The process of problem-solving as I attempted complex objects on the clock and in the set opened my eyes to how fun it is to model, and I became inspired to do more environment modeling projects.

00:41 Mooncake Ferris Wheel—Responsible for all aspects, including concept. I wanted to model a design that excited me and challenged me. I soon realized that mooncakes have beautifully intricate designs. Plus, I wanted teacup carts, which was just perfect.

00:50 Orchid—Responsible for all aspects, including concept. I poured all my available effort into this project, and I got very familiar with Substance Painter in the process. I’m proud of how delicate and soft this came out.

00:58 Smoking Robot—Responsible for all aspects. My first project of the school year, I had a lot to learn about hard surface modeling, but I’m proud of how far I’ve come since then.

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This reel was completed for class. A complete Summer 2020 animation reel is coming soon.

See my 3D page for more animations.

All animation done in Maya.

00:07 Dance Choreography — This dance is referenced from Koharu Sugawara's Rude - Magic Dance. I animated using the Mery rig. I'd like to address some of the issues I had with the feet and lipsync, but overall, this was a nice exercise in achieving snappy animation. Check out my block and reference here.

00:18 Bouncing Ball Course

00:26 Pendulum and Ball

00:27 Parks and Rec Lipsync—This audio is from the Parks and Recreation Snake Juice scene. I animated using the free Nathan Love Worshipper Rig. This was just a short and fun project in making my own phonemes and goofy expressions.

00:55 Skinning

01:00 Mash Dominoes

01:18 Parkour Block (WIP)—This parkour is referenced from Unparalleled Movement's January Team Training and animated with the Animation Mentor Stewart Rig. I got a lot of practice figuring out momentum and the IK/FK switch. Before I move to spline, I need to mess around with the weight and timing as the Stewart Rig looks significantly lighter than the referenced human.

01:28 Walk Cycle—This quick exercise was animated using Truong CG's Two Legs rig.

 © 2020 by Kaitlin Yu.

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