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previs straight out of Unreal
with temp sounds/music
edited video with filters, color correction, and final sound/music for Lightworq socials

I created this previs/cinematic project entirely in Unreal Engine for Lightworq. This was my first time working in Unreal Engine! I rigged props, created shaders, animated Metahumans using the Sequencer, created scenes with Kitbash3D, lit shots using Lumen, and familiarized myself with the in-engine post-processing tools.


The learning process required not only tutorials but also a LOT of troubleshooting. I watched videos, read forums, and asked ChatGPT for help — but ultimately, my own critical thinking saved the day. I'm proud of myself for pushing through the endless speed bumps that came up!

I had a lot of fun playing with camera angles, lenses, animation, and editing directly in Unreal. I made an animatic ahead of the previs, but I also used sequence nesting in Unreal to immediately get a feel of shot pacing. I wanted to capture the feeling of navigating through New York City – witnessing moments in time and vignettes of human connection. 🛹💛

Founder Jamil Primas helped me further cultivate the vibe of this piece by throwing on final filters, motion graphics, and sound/music from Epidemic Sound! You can see the final product in the 2nd video.


I want to thank both Lightworq and Jamil for supporting me through the entire process. It was an amazing opportunity to create freely and push my previs/camera skills.

BTS to come!

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